Resin Christmas Santa Claus Figurines Set Green

MOQ: 720 Piece/Pieces (Can be negotiated.)

Introducing our adorable Gingerbread Santa Claus and Gingerbread Mrs. Claus figures that are the perfect addition to your holiday decor. Made from the finest, freshest ingredients, these dolls are crafted with care to bring a touch of magic to your home. Both Santa and Mrs. Claus are carefully decorated with gorgeous white icing, giving them an elegant and festive look. For an added touch of glamor, they’re also coated with a glittery icing that makes them really eye-catching.

Mrs. Claus holds a freshly baked gingerbread man, adding a playful and charming element to the figure. This detail shows the love and warmth she brings to the holidays. Place this doll in your kitchen or dining area to inject a cheerful and inviting atmosphere into your space. But that’s not all! Our Gingerbread Santa comes with a special treat – an accompanying Gingerbread Christmas tree. This delightful addition brings an extra wow factor to your decor, adding height and visual interest to your display. The intricate details on the tree make it an eye-catching piece that will make your home truly festive and charming.

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    Height: 15cm

    Width: 8cm

    Material: Resin


    We have special design department responsible for Research and Development.

    Any your design, shape, size, color, prints, logo, packaging, etc. can be all customized. If you have detailed 3D artwork or original samples, that’s more helpful.


    We are a manufacturer who focus on handmade ceramic and resin products since 2007.

    We are capable of developing OEM project, making molds out from customers’ design drafts or drawings. All along, we strictly

    adhere to the principle of ”Superior Quality, Thoughtful Service and Well-organized Team”.

    We have very professional & comprehensive quality control system, there’s very strict inspection and selection on every product,only

    good quality products will be shipped out.

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