Ceramic Medusa Snake Head Incense Burner

MOQ: 720 Piece/Pieces (Can be negotiated.)

Introducing our Medusa Head Incense Burner – the perfect way to transform your space into a mesmerizing temple from Greek mythology.

Are you a fan of Greek mythology? Are you looking for a unique and charming item to add a touch of magic to your surroundings? Look no further – our Medusa Head Incense Burner will fulfill all your wishes. With its mysterious power, this hypnotic burner produces swirling smoke that is sure to captivate all who see it.

The design of this censer waterfall exudes mystery and seduction and is perfectly sized to sit on any side table, blending seamlessly with its surroundings. Carefully sculpted with attention to detail and artistic skill, the Medusa head on this burner showcases the intricate snakes that make up her hair. This is truly a work of art that leaves everyone in awe.

But this incense burner isn’t just for show, it has a practical purpose as well. It emits fragrant smoke that helps create a peaceful atmosphere and protects your space from any bad vibes. Imagine coming home after a long and tiring day, lighting your favorite incense and watching the smoke cascade from Medusa’s hair as if you were in a peaceful waterfall. It’s the ultimate relaxing experience.

Additionally, the soothing aroma of incense will promote much-needed rest and relaxation. Let the stress of the day melt away as you soak in the incredible ambience created by this mythical incense burner. Whether you want to unwind after get off work or create a calming atmosphere for meditation and yoga, our Medusa Head Incense Burner is the perfect companion.

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    Height: 18cm

    Width: 14cm

    Material: Ceramic


    We have special design department responsible for Research and Development.

    Any your design, shape, size, color, prints, logo, packaging, etc. can be all customized. If you have detailed 3D artwork or original samples, that’s more helpful.


    We are a manufacturer who focus on handmade ceramic and resin products since 2007.

    We are capable of developing OEM project, making molds out from customers’ design drafts or drawings. All along, we strictly

    adhere to the principle of ”Superior Quality, Thoughtful Service and Well-organized Team”.

    We have very professional & comprehensive quality control system, there’s very strict inspection and selection on every product,only

    good quality products will be shipped out.

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